Starbucks – CDU

September 29, 2022 2:56 pm Published by Colin Devine


Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse chain with over 33,000 stores in 80 countries. We worked with Starbucks to design and manufacture a series of Counter Display Units (CDUs) which were used to display confectionary to customers primarily queueing at the counter. Due to the specific type of confectionary which the CDUs were designed for, the units were relatively small at 282mm high, 485mm wide and 200mm deep.


We designed the CDUs in our Dublin factory and used a wood-style finish which was coloured black, which makes the products stand out on the unit while highlighting Starbucks’ branding.

On top of the CDU, a circle crowned the display where the distinctive Starbucks logo was affixed. While this is the only place that branding sits, there is scope on both sides which can accommodate promotional material if needs be. Comprising of two shelves, the CDU stocks small chocolate bars and individually packaged biscuits which are an ideal impulse purchase that complement hot beverages.

Each of the two shelves can be organised as required by arranging the dividers. For example, you could have one shelf sub-divided evenly into four sections to easily store a range of similar-sized confectionery. Alternatively, you could have another shelf split into two larger sections for wider confectionary products.

Furthermore, there is scope to place pricing information and promotional material along the front of each shelf.

Final Result

Stylish and contemporary, the CDUs are easily stocked and with minimal branding, they can be used for a variety of products in the future. They are easily cleaned, which is an essential requirement for display units which interact with customers, along with being long lasting. As they are free-standing, light yet durable, they can be moved quickly to another location in-store.

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