Ronseal – PalliWrap

September 29, 2022 2:59 pm Published by Colin Devine


Ronseal is a British wood stain and paint manufacturer.

An issue that paint manufacturers have is the size and weight of some of their products. While certain products are suited to being stocked on traditional shelves, large 10 – 20 litre containers are simply to heavy and bulky. Therefore, creating shop-floor displays in large DIY centres is the most advantageous way of promoting and selling products.

However, restocking such displays is often done via a pallet truck and the obvious temptation is just to leave the pallet in place. It’s sturdy, fits the product nicely and practical. The only drawback is that it’s not particularly attractive and misses out on a unique marketing opportunity which PalliWrap offers.


PalliWrap is the brainchild of Design and Display and it’s our unique way of turning the functional pallet into a visually stunning promotional stand.

Manufactured in our factory in Dublin, PalliWrap was used to great effect by Ronseal as they fully utilised both the side sections of the pallet and the ‘roof’ which sits atop of the display.

Final Result

The panel sides were concealed with colourful Ronseal marketing messages which are easily fixed in minutes to the panel and perfect for a busy retail outlet.

The roof was fabricated out of steel and was designed in-house by our technicians. It is comprised of three parts. Firstly, there is the main vertical section which contains the same marketing message which is wrapped around the pallet. However, it’s much larger and designed to be noticed from afar.

Beneath this section, there are two slanted beams which detail the colour that various Ronseal products have on individual pieces of wood. This is informative while adding texture to the display. Eye-catching and functional, our PalliWrap system turns the humble pallet into a distinctive marketing tool rolled out in minutes.

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