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September 29, 2022 2:50 pm Published by Colin Devine


Ronseal is a British wood stain and paint manufacturer.

Having the ability to promote specific items on the shop floor is an essential part of Ronseal’s marketing plan. This is partly due to the limited and crowded shelf space that DIY centres may have and the difficultly of showcasing to would-be purchasers in the traditional aisles.

Ronseal required a free standing display unit (FSDU) to promote a specific type of varnish suitable for decking. The advantage of a FSDU is that, as free standing, it can be moved to areas within a store which may not stock varnish but the item is complementary to other products such as decking within the garden department.


Designed in-house and in our Dublin factory by our CAD technicians, the FSDU is fabricated out of steel in order to take the weight of eight shelves of varnish. In keeping with the black lettering of Ronseal’s logo, the FSDU was coloured black which makes the products which sit on the shelving stand out while highlighting the rectangular posters on top of the FSDU, running its full length.

This display is made up of two sections: a steel-framed upright area designed to hold marketing material, and just below it, a slanted section which contains more room for brand messaging. These sections are designed to be read by people who are standing close to the FSDU whereas on its sides, there are larger promotional space with is visible from further away.

Final Result

The FSDU was deployed in a large DIY chain close to the gardening department. Being free standing, it was easily positioned to suit the other FSDUs which were in place and to create the optimum customer journey.

As customers enter and exit the gardening department, customers are greeted with a wide choice of Ronseal’s products, clearly priced, in an attractive and easily maintained FSDU.

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