Pepsico Walkers – FSDU Large

September 29, 2022 3:05 pm Published by Colin Devine


Walkers crisps are one of the oldest UK crisp brands and are now owned by the international food and drinks company, PepsiCo. They are an established brand with not only a wide variety of products, but sister brands like Doritos too.

While such products have a natural place within most retail stores in the crisps aisle, by using a free standing display unit (FSDU), the range of crisps can be positioned in specific locations which may not have dedicated shelving space โ€“ such as close to tills, an instore off-licence or spaces which are temporarily free.

The design of the FSDU was to provide ample shelf space for various sizes of product, while being branded on its sides, top and along the bottom front. This maximises both its marketing potential and impulse purchases.


To complement the brands, a wood-style finish was chosen along with dark blue metal frames. On the top, the Walkers logo is cut out and crowns the FSDU nicely. The steel frame was fabricated by our technicians and the logo was precisely rendered. On the front, beneath each shelf, there is ample room for product information such as price and special offers.

As there are many brands within the PepsiCo crisp family, stickers can be easily applied and removed from the sides, thus allowing it to be used for future campaigns. As crisps are a bulky item, there is ample space on the four wire shelves which are tilted to ensure that products securely held.

Final Result

Designed and manufactured in our factory in Dublin, the FSDUs are easily maintained in terms of hygiene and stocking. Also, as they are free standing, they can be moved from one in-store location to another with ease.

Ideal for being placed against a wall, they are also suitable for any location where customers will be tempted by the familiar brands.

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