Mars – Ben’s Original FSDU

September 29, 2022 3:08 pm Published by Colin Devine


Mars is a multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products with a global footprint. Our brief was to design and manufacture a free standing display unit (FSDU) for Ben’s Original rice. It is one of their many brands which is heavily promoted and familiar to
customers with its distinct orange colouring and blue logo.

In order to highlight the different types of rice on offer, Mars wanted a FSDU which could display eight rows of packaged rice, with about eight or nine packets on each row. The FSDU had to be light though solid and the shelving unit must be functional in terms of holding the products but with the branded elements visible from a distance in-store.


Using our CAD expertise, our technicians designed the FSDU to the precise dimensions required. Although Ben’s Original is a food staple for many households, the purpose of the FSDU was to promote the range of rice and to encourage new and existing customers to purchase them.

The bright orange stand had to be solidly built, not only to hold products, but to remain in place mid-aisle. Also, the unit had to be easily and quickly restocked in order to maximise value. The shelves are easily assembled in-store in minutes and the plastic coasters on which they sit will
not scratch the retail floor.

Final Result

Fashioned out of stainless steel and coloured accordingly, the bright orange FSDU is a welcome marketing addition to any aisle within a retail space. The dark blue and indented Ben’s Original logo is recessed which adds depth and style to the unit.

The steel is nicely rendered and polished which makes it smooth to the touch, while the different shelves are nicely spaced above each other and casts a very slight shadow. Each shelf has a plastic strip attached to it where pricing and other information can be inserted.

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