welding mask and gloves and hammer


DDI Welding


We craft beautiful metal units welded together with precision, care and attention to detail. Our expertise ensures that our units are not only safe, functional and durable, but stunning to look at and smooth to touch.

Spot Welding

Typically used to join thin metal sheets, our spot welders can join the lightest of metals together to enhance and complete structures of any size or shape in a precise and exact way.

Design & Display - Spot Welding
Design & Display - Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We have years of experience in crafting metal into a variety of shapes and sizes to create bespoke displays which complement and enhance your product offerings.

Powder Coating

Designed to give a smooth and durable coloured effect, we specialise in powder coating which is long lasting and stunning to look at. Perfect for any busy retail experience.

Design & Display - Powder Coating
DDI - Automatic Tube Cutting

Automatic Tube Cutting

When precision and efficiency is required, our specialists can deliver meticulous results with our automatic tube cutting machines. Ideal for longer runs where careful and repeated measurements are vital.

Fiber Laser Cutting

By using an optical fibre laser, we can pierce metals in a precise, fast and exact way thereby reducing waste and ensuring that batches adhere to strict quality control.

Design & Display - Fiber Laser Cutting
DDI - Tube Manipulation

Tube Manipulation

Our ability to manipulate stainless steel tubes to manufacture polished clothing rails and other in- store retail architecture – in large or small batches โ€“ creates a level of design which exudes function and style.

CNC Wire Forming

With a specialized mixture of technical skill and machine operation, our ability to bend and cut wires means we can create displays to any exact and demanding dimensions.

Design & Display - CNC Wire Forming