Haleon – Panadol Queue System

September 29, 2022 3:03 pm Published by Colin Devine


Haleon is a British consumer healthcare company and the largest consumer healthcare business in the world. Since the dawn of shopping – and heightened by the pandemic – queue management has been an essential aspect of the in-store experience. How to manage queues effectively and to utilise the time customers spend in queues is a challenge that has led to increasingly sophisticated queue systems.

Haleon, maker of Panadol and other healthcare products, sought to address these issues and commissioned a queue system to be deployed in chemists. In particular, the queue system would not only organise the final aspect of a customer’s shopping experience but market to them and
encourage impulse purchases.


Fabricated out of metal and painted a cream colour, the queue system is made up of a number of single, two-panel pieces and four-panel pieces which can be ordered accordingly in-store. As they are free-standing, large circular bases are used to make sure that they remain upright even if adults or children rest against them.

Marketing material for the healthcare product Panadol covered the metal panels while along the inside of the queue system, small shelves contain packets of the product. These shelves are part of the queue structure and are welded to the panels. They are also branded and have space for product information such as pricing and barcodes.

Final Result

Being able to target customers with healthcare items while they queue in their local chemist is an ideal way to encourage impulse buying. From a management level, it helps those working in-store know that their customers have a clear idea of their progress towards the payment counter while giving them the option to buy a popular pain relief product.

Being free-standing, they can be removed from the shop floor or redeployed to other locations easily. Furthermore, the branding can be removed and changed to suit future marketing campaigns for Panadol or other products.

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