Carraig Donn – Garment Rails

September 28, 2022 2:49 pm Published by Colin Devine


Carraig Donn is one of Ireland’s premier retailers of fashion, jewellery, giftware products and accessories. They employ 600 people and operate 42 retail branches throughout Ireland. Carraig Donn required garment rails for their retail branches to showcase their high-end fashion range.

The rails had to be aesthetically pleasing but also solid and durable due to the amount of clothes which would be displayed along with the busy interaction of shoppers when handling goods. They also needed a ‘stop’ at the end of the rail so clothes couldn’t slip off. Lastly, the rails were to be
custom coloured and a bespoke design.


Our design team are well aware of the challenges of a contemporary retail space. In particular, how to make sure that clothes are presented in their best possible light while adorning a rail.

Using the latest in metal fabrication technology, we fabricated the garment rails while welding them together seamlessly. In order to ensure that the rails remained upright and sturdy, we fashioned an elegant base which allows the retail stores to hang large quantities or heavy items on the rails in the knowledge that it will remain upright.

A neutral, light cream colour was chosen as it is stylish and wouldn’t contrast or conflict with the clothes on display. All the steelwork was carried out in our Dublin manufacturing plant by our in-house technicians.

Final Result

The light cream colour of the rails is the perfect tone for the stylish wooden hangers which Carraig Donn use throughout their stores. Also, the garment rails were designed in one length and height which adds symmetry to the shop floor.

As they are free-standing and not fixed to the ground, they can be easily moved around once free of clothes which makes a re-design of the shop floor quick and easy.

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