Augmented Reality

client wearing a Augmented Reality head set



Designs for the future

From its conception, we realised that augmented reality would play a huge part in designing the future. The ability to create detailed, accurate and lifelike images of what a store will look like has become a game changer in the industry.

From 2D onscreen drawings to 3D walkthroughs via Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, our get a phenomenal, lifelike view of their proposed designs.

Our ability to bring designs to life is a way of scrutinising a design before it is manufactured which saves you time, money, and affords you peace of mind.

See your customer’s journey

The detail which augmented reality offers is truly astonishing. Not only will you be able to see what your designs will look like, you will also experience the designs as though you were walking around your retail space.

Seeing a design is one thing. However, with VR you will see how people will interact with the designs and what your customer’s journeys will be like as they stroll in-store.


Smartphone app

By utilising an app installed on any smartphone, you can walk around your store and view an ‘augmented’ vision of how a proposed design will look like. By bringing to ‘virtual’ life designs within your retail store, you will not only get a vision of how a display will look, you’ll see it interacting ‘live’ with your real-life environment.

Palliwrap – Augmented Reality

One of the challenges of maintaining a busy retail space is moving stock from a storeroom to the shop floor efficiently. As most deliveries come on pallets, there is the temptation to leave the pallet on the shop floor as it saves time and provides a natural place to hold the stock.

However, although pallets are functional, they aren’t pretty. That’s why we created the Palliwrap, a innovative and clever way of disguising a pallet once it’s on your shop floor.

By wrapping a pallet with panels which can be branded and adding a branded roof section, a pallet turns into a stunning display which is easy to assemble.

In order to visualise how Palliwrap works in practice, we use augmented reality in conjunction with a smartphone app to show you how it will look in any part of your store with your branding in place.